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Adobe Business Catalyst Training

Your time is valuable. So let's cut to the chase with Business Catalyst Training.

Our clients give us feedback and we LISTEN. They asked for Business Catalyst Training and that's exactly what we gave them. As a matter of fact Pretty Pollution pioneered Business Catalyst Training sessions. We offered Business Catalyst training before any other Business Catalyst Partner, long before Business Catalyst was acquired by Adobe. And we were the first to offer One-On-One personalized training sessions, customized to your needs.

Further to that, we also train Business Catalyst Partners. In fact, helping Business Catalyst Partners is a large part of what we do here at Pretty Pollution. If you're a new partner looking for assistance, just let us know what you need.

Business Catalyst Training includes:

  • 3 hour training sessions.
  • One-on-One training in our Business Catalyst training center or online.
  • Completely Customized training. We cover what is important to YOU.
  • We can accommodate groups of up to six people if required.
  • A dedicated Business Catalyst Trainer that knows the system inside out.
  • Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced courses. Or just come to learn more about Business Catalyst to see if it's the right system for your purposes.
  • A wealth of tips and tricks that comes from years of experience.
  • Search Engine Optimization and Online Marketing Training.
  • Train with us and you'll have our entire team at your disposal.
  • Courses can be scheduled at any time that best suits you.

Business Catalyst Training Packages:

Beginner - Business Catalyst Training:

  • Introductory overview of Business Catalyst
  • Managing and updating your website
  • Effective Email marketing practices
  • Adding products to your shopping cart
  • Utilizing reports to learn more about your users

Intermediate - Business Catalyst Training:

  • Intermediate overview of Business Catalyst
  • Methods to get more out of your website
  • Intermediate level implementation of BC modules
  • Techniques to improvide your search engine ranking
  • Methods for managing your database
  • Basic HTML practices
  • Advanced Business Catalyst reporting

Advanced - Business Catalyst Training:

  • Advanced overview of Business Catalyst
  • HTML and CSS techniques for your website
  • Advanced level implementation of BC modules
  • Advanced solutions to difficult problems
  • Customized code solutions
  • API integration to connect with external applications

Tire Kickers course:

  • This course is for you if you're considering investing in a Business Catalyst Website or considering becoming a Business Catalyst Partner but require more information to make an informed decision.
  • A complete, expert level overview of Business Catalyst system capabilities, everything from beginner to advanced.
  • Direct, honest answers to all your questions regarding Business Catalyst.

Business Catalyst Training FAQ’s

Q: My existing web developer isn’t offering Business Catalyst training. Can you train us?
A: Yes. Pretty Pollution offers training to anyone who needs it.

Q: I’m a Business Catalyst Partner and need help. Do you offer training services to other partners?
A: Yes. We have plenty of experience training other partners. As a senior Business Catalyst Partner with years of experience, we love to help other partners whenever we can.

Q: If I'm interstate or overseas, can you still train me?
A: Yes. We have the tools to train remotely. We frequently train clients outside of the USA via webinar software. We can also travel interstate if required.

Q: Where can I find the Business Catalyst Support phone number?
A: Business Catalyst Support phone numbers don't exist. Pretty Pollution can provide training and support.

If you think that sounds Pretty good why not schedule a training session today?



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