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Website Design

The key to building a good, EFFECTIVE website is knowing your target audience. Having a thorough understanding of what appeals to your target market is paramount. The art of a successful website lies in the presentation of your content in the most effective way possible.

Pretty Pollution has a tried and tested process that simply works.

  • Know your CLIENT! And most importantly, know their business. We make a point to absorb your goals, know your staff and thoroughly understand what is most important to you. The more we learn about our client, the better we can reach their target audience. Knowledge is power. Makes perfect sense, right?
  • Further to that, we get to know the USER. People don't spend a whole lot of time on a website. Rapidly making a lasting impression is of upmost importance. We take the time to know your target audience - what they like, what they're looking for and what gets their attention. All of this before we even start designing anything.

A foundation of knowledge is where success starts.

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Website Development

Here at Pretty Pollution our specialty is the Adobe Business Catalyst CMS, though we do develop websites in other programming languages and Content Management Systems. We engineer custom solutions that meet your specific requirements.

We've provided solutions for a wide variety of purposes across virtually every industry. These include a booking system for a Major Airline, development and deployment of microsites for the franchisee offices of a large Mortgage Broker, the website for a top Internet Service Provider, sites for Payroll Service Providers, website and email marketing campaigns for a large Cable Service Provider, and the list goes on!


Website Consulting

Getting started can be a daunting concept. Unsure of what you need from your website? Does the web world and the whole idea of where to start scare you?

Pretty Pollution wants to HELP! Our Website Consulting Workshops aim to get to the core of your web needs. We work with you to identify your requirements and to know what steps to take. Everything from getting your content together and aligning your online strategy to building a thorough site map, we're here to help. Our workshops start with a few hours of your time and when you leave, you walk out with our professional recommendations.

Working hard is working smarter!